Colleen Waterston – Big Shared World

Literal Shyft was honored to sit down over Skype with Colleen Waterston of Big Shared World. Over the course of 15 months, Colleen traveled to 40 countries, and met with

Joanna Waterfall – Yellow Co.

Literal Shyft was honored to sit down with Joanna Waterfall, Founder and Creative Visionary behind Yellow Co.  Yellow Company is a Los Angeles based company built around supporting conscious, female

Jessica Jesse — Founder of BudhaGirl

Literal Shyft was honored to sit down with Jessica Jesse, CEO and Creative Director of BudhaGirl. Prior to starting BudhaGirl, Jessica began her career in fashion as a model for

Designing Your Best Life: An Interview with Pernille and Sine Maria Spiers-Lopez

Pernille Spiers-Lopez is a coach, mentor, public figure, and author.  She previously served as the President and CEO of IKEA North America, as well as Global Chief HR Manager for

Changing The World, One Child At A Time

I had the pleasure of sitting down over Skype with John Marshall.  John was making a temporary stop from his world travels at his brother’s home in Andover, Massachusetts, while

An Interview with Fodada: The Fresh Face of Fatherhood

Shyft was grateful to sit down with Bobby Barzi, chief dada and creative visionary behind Fodada.  Fodada is a company built around the invaluable relationship between fathers and their children.

Martial Arts for Mind, Body, & Soul

I first met Master James when I was searching for a new Tae Kwon Do studio for my 4-year old son.  His previous studio was highly structured– something that did

  • Sometimes the small things really are the big things. 😱 Read one mother's journey towards what truly matters. 👩‍👧👩‍👦 Link in bio! 👆#parenting #shyft
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  • At the center of our Shyftology is this simple but life-changing mindset, and it all starts with noticing. 1. Notice when you're on autopilot. 2. ask yourself if your actions are aligned with your core values. 3. If the answer is anything other than "hell yes!!", consider the tiniest shyft you can make to feel like you're in the drivers seat and  aligned with your truest of intention. #noticealignshyft all day, err day! ✌🏼#mindfulmonday #wellness #shyft
  • Nothing turns us on more than a mindful conversation, because it's where the real shyft happens. In mindfulness meditation the object of our meditation is our breath, in mindful conversation the object of our focus is another person. Together you bloom. #mindfulness #meditation #shyft
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