Savoring the Small Moments

As parents, at the end of a long day we want nothing more than for our kids to just go to sleep easily. We may sometimes hit a breaking point

Mindful Dialogue: Politics and Kids

In recent weeks, I have had some difficult conversations with my two sons, who are eight and five years old.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I had secretly hoped

Reciprocity of Writing & Motherhood

Many women enjoy reading and writing about their experiences as a mother. I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry, research essays, and especially journaling. I always found comfort in writing my thoughts

3 Ways to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Multiple times each year, there is a buzz about parent-teacher conferences and the emotions that come up around them. This can be a stressful time of year for parents and

A Daughter’s Response

A few weeks ago, Michele Fried, published an article on titled “Why I’ll Never be a Perfect Parent”. I took particular interest in the article, given that the author

Things I Must Teach My Teenager

My wife recently asked me to teach our teenage son that “no means no” when it comes time for sexual activity. I wasn’t surprised by her request because like so

Grace Over Perfection

The most wonderful time of year is upon us. Holiday meals shared with family and friends, hot chocolate, mistletoe, cozy sweater and boot weather. It’s what I look forward to

Parenting as a Practice

What if I asked you to consider something that is not often asked of us as parents: What if instead of asking you to share your best parenting advice or

Why I’ll Never Be a Perfect Parent

My children have more than one complaint about me. That’s a lot of complaints when you have 10 children. I mean, each child probably has at least two complaints, if

Who Is Really Hurting?

Life is a series of choices. As a parent you want to guide your child to make the best choices when inevitable challenges and uncomfortable emotions arise. As much as

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