Zenguin Cups

Who wouldn’t love to find these adorable Zenguin cups underneath the tree or tucked away in a stocking somewhere? The perfect daily reminder for reflection, with some humor and cuteness


Based in New York City, YOGASMOGA  is a kind-natured athletic apparel company with a heart for authenticity. One thing that I really love about the company is that they refuse

Year of Wishes Candles

This year, begin your self compassion practice with a Year of Wishes. These beautiful candles come in glass containers with silk-screened words of hope, peace, and encouragement. A small keepsake charm is

Yäan Wellness

Our  “Things We Love” list would be incomplete without this slice of heaven in Tulum, Mexico. Yäan is a center of wellness and healing mind, body, and soul come together to

With My Own Two Hands

This week, we wanted to share with you an event that is near and dear to our hearts, an annual fundraiser for With My Own Two Hands. With My Own

  • Be kind.  #mindfulmonday
  • Equality for all. #happypride #pride 🌈 @monishavasa  @its_eye_sha
  • It's better than coffee. #justdoit #meditate #sitwithus
  • Who is your own personal Tony Robbins. 💪The most powerful motivations aren't quotes, YouTube videos or the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world. 🤘🏻You may not know whom you're inspiring with your small, daily actions, but trust that everything you do may be an inspiration to someone. 👏Tag your inspiration.  #soulsista #true #love #inspire  #mindfulness #wednesdaywisdom #newportbeach #meditation #tribe #wednesday
  • Happy Happy Birthday to the the greatest friend, business partner and human @monishavasa! You are our compass and we are so lucky to have your love and wisdom in our lives!
  • Lovely reminder to get a little face-to-face today. #shyft #mindfulness #consciousliving #wednesdaywisdom
  • From purging to list making, 8 happiness tips that'll make you want to clap along. 😀👏 Link in bio!
  • Have you ever wondered why you can't stop your thoughts during meditation? 🤦🏽‍♀️ You're not alone! 🙏🙏 Learn about common meditation misconceptions. Link in bio! 👆 #meditation #mindfulness #shyft